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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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michelle griego. just about 4:30. good morning to julie watts and roqui theus. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> starting off with weather this morning. we're all a little tired. >> i feel ya. [ laughter ] [ overlapping speakers ] >> here's a look outside at the bay bridge. and you know, it is a little bit cooler today than it was this time yesterday. here's a look at the current temperatures out there. 49 in oakland. 48 san francisco. 35 in livermore. 32 in santa rosa. so freezing this morning for folks up north. minor changes today but some big changes on the way. i'm talking rain, tiling that out in a bit. roqui, how are the roads? >> starting with the golden gate bridge, if you are heading from marin into san francisco, pretty easy commute from 580 in san rafael to the golden gate toll plaza about 14 minutes. if you are traveling across the span of the bay bridge that's another easy commute right now only 4:30 so not many people on the roads. from carquinez bridge along the
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eastshore freeway to the maze that will take you 19 minutes and no delay through the tolls. those metering lights should turn on around 5:30. san mateo from hayward to foster city, 13 minutes. it is the end of the road for uber's self-driving cars in san francisco. at least for now. uber tried to negotiate with the state but the dmv pulled the company's registrations until it gets a permits. kpix 5's susie steimle explains why the state wouldn't budge. >> i will put safety as the number one. safety can never be trumped. >> reporter: the dmv echoed that message by punishing uber yet again by failing to follow the law revoking the registration for 16 autonomous vehicles. uber's ceo still doesn't think the company did anything wrong. >> he thought he was still being safe. i said, you know, that's what dmv is there for. and you better comply or we'll be working with our attorney
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general and the dmv to get that compliance. >> reporter: the dmv released this statement: uber's welcome to test its autonomous technology in california like everybody else. through the issuance of a test permit that can take less than 72 hours to issue. uber says we have stopped ourself driving pilot in california. we are looking where to redeploy these cars but remain 100% committed to california and will be redoubling our efforts to develop workable statewide rules. kpix 5's political insider phil matier says it was this video of a self-driving car running a red light last week that set regulators in motion. >> the video of an uber driverless car even with a test driver blowing through a stop light is not something that you can overlook. there's always this tug of war and the argument is that innovation versus regulation.
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they always say, you're stopping us from innovating. the others are saying, no, it's called safety. >> now, there's no word yet when or if uber plans to apply for the permit. local artists are filing a petition trying to stop unsolicited building inspections. that comes after the ghost ship fire in oakland. since the fire, inspectors have been stopping by a few warehouses in san francisco. this is not video of crews going through a facility on potrero hill but that did happen yesterday. we are told a notice was sent to the landlord and tenants about two weeks ago and we talked to one artist who was evicted. >> if we lose this, um, i can't imagine finding another place sort of comparable that i can afford in the city. i don't, um, i don't anticipate finding something else. >> the petition is asking the cities of san francisco and oakland to place a moratorium on unsolicited fire inspections. the president of the building inspections commission in san francisco says she agrees.
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>> in response, i -- i'm an artist and live in an art space, and, um, i agree 100% with this and so does our board of supervisors. >> next month, the department of building inspections will release details of a new program. the agency says it will be working alongside the fire and health departments to make warehouses safer for artists. san francisco's public defender hopes that police body camera footage will prove that bart officers went too far with his client. kpix 5's andria borba on the video that could clear a 22- year-old from any wrongdoing. >> get down on the ground, on the ground! >> reporter: this body cam video shows the takedown by officers of 22-year-old michael alex smith is seen kicking an officer at least once. smith was acquitted of four misdemeanor battery charges in the case last week. the jury was hung on four other counts. >> this was a classic case of
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racial profiling. >> reporter: san francisco public defender jeff adachi says the incident began with an argument on a train between smith and another man who called 911 and said smith tried to rob him and was armed with a gun. >> the person who made the false report has gone free. nothing happened to him. that's the real injustice. >> reporter: adachi says smith's girlfriend 24-year-old andria appleton was detained by officers and miscarried in her first trimester as a result. >> the officer had his knee in her back for 21 seconds. >> reporter: in a statement, bart's spokesman alicia tross says it's not against police policy to detain a pregnant woman. in this case it was clear if it was known she was pregnant. she wasn't showing. after the adult female said she was pregnant body cameras showed the officer treated her with respect, stood her up in a comfortable position almost immediately moved her away from possible injury that could occur and asked her about her
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well-being and asked her if she needed medical attention which she declined. >> the body cam helps because we are able to show the jury that the officers were untruthful. one of the officers says he tried to walk away. you look at the video, and he is standing in one place the whole time. >> reporter: ndria borba, kpix 5. >> bart meanwhile says its internal investigation in the case is ongoing. it is 4:36. and we have a storm on the way, it sounds. >> we do. today is the calm before the storm. cliche i know but it's true. [ laughter ] >> we are a dry today. temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. we had a nice mild day yesterday. today going to be a little cooler and the rain moves in tomorrow. could be a tough travel day for some folks. let's take a look outside at the bay bridge this morning. we'll see increasing clouds today chilly temperatures. santa rosa 32. freezing there. 40s for san jose. san francisco 40s. 49 in oakland. concord readings are not in
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today so we'll skip concord for now. air quality forecast unhealthy once again. yesterday, those forecast today to be a moderate day in the north bay but changed it. so once again, unhealthy air quality and they have reissued another "spare the air" day for the north bay for today. so no burning. sfo, if you are traveling today, a lot of folks getting out of town, we are looking at a chilly morning clear to start high today in san francisco 55. we'll see chilly temperatures once again overnight and into tomorrow morning. travel forecast looking good weather-wise. quiet weather through atlanta, chicago, houston and new york today so if you are traveling through the major hubs, should be good weather-wise. here we do have some weather heading our way. in fact here's a look at it. futurecast showing by 4 a.m. tomorrow morning we start to see the front. and then we see unsettled weather behind that front throughout the day. we'll time that out coming up in the full forecast. but if you are traveling on the roads tomorrow, winter weather
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alert. we have a winter storm warning in effect for the sierra and the foothills and that will bring snow down to lake level up in the high country, gusty winds, so do be mindful, expect travel delays heading to any of the higher elevations. we'll talk more about the storm coming up in just a bit. first over to roqui with the roads. >> thank you, julie. okay, it's 4:38. let's take a look first at the bay bridge toll plaza if you are headed into downtown san francisco. now is a pretty good time from the carquinez bridge along the eastshore freeway to the maze, that will take you 18 minutes. and then those metering lights should turn on around 5:30 and that's when you'll see that traffic start to back up. if you are traveling along the nimitz freeway, here's a live look at both directions looking good now 238 on 880 northbound in san leandro to the maze, 16 minutes. southbound side of 880 to the san mateo bridge here's a live look at that commute from hayward to foster city 14 minutes between 880 and 101. southbound 880 hayward/fremont roadwork between whipple and
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stevenson two lanes closed until 5 a.m. also some roadwork in dublin on westbound 580 connector to northbound 680, that connector is closed until 5 a.m., as well. and let's take a look at mass transit. you're looking good throughout the bay area. the international manhunt for the suspect in monday's truck attack on a christmas market in berlin continues this morning. brook silva-braga has the latest on the search and details behind a possible motive reporter: demonstrators gathered outside german chancellor angela merkel's office wednesday night angry over monday's christmas market attack in berlin. this man called for merkel to resign saying her open door refugee policy allowed anis amri into the country. german officials say the main suspect in the deadly truck attack was seeking asylum when entered germany from tunisia last year after his application was rejected, evading deportation. detectives found amri's identification papers in a wallet under the driver's seat of the truck.
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officials have since linked him to this man, abu wall la an iraqi hoe was arrested in germany last month accused of recruiting isis fighters. isis claimed they inspired the berlin attack. amid the manhunt, the country and its capital continue to mourn the victims. on wednesday, germany's foreign minister was joined by his italian counterpart at a memorial, laying roses. in these days it, feels incredibly good to know that we are not alone in this sorrow, he said. that we can rely on friends in europe and the world. back in the u.s., president- elect donald trump was asked if the attack led him to rethink his plans for a muslim registry or ban on muslim immigration. >> you know my plan all along. i have been proven to be 100% correct. >> reporter: he called it an attack on humanity that has to stop. brook silva-braga for cbs news. >> german officials are offering a reward of $105,000
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for any information leading to the suspect's capture. they say he had been under surveillance for several months over this past year. a man who calls himself the bay area's youngest mayor may also score the title of copycat. in richmond tran's first speech as mayor of milpitas he used lines from president obama. at his recent city hall inauguration, tran said that, quote, if there's anyone who still questions, then tonight is your answer. that line is one of several that tran used to mirror exactly what obama said in his 2008 victory speech. tran says that since copy lines were so obvious he wasn't being deceptive. >> i didn't do it to copy it, you know? that's very obvious. for me, it was a special opportunity to carry out, um, president obama's legacy. >> we showed a video of tran and obama's speeches to the council member that tran defeated for mayor. she says no apology is needed but that tran owes obama credit for the language. police in concord are looking for the man who pulled
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off a massive jewelry heist. police believe this man smashed a jewelry case inside the sears store last saturday. he reportedly stole dozens of rings worth more than $200,000 total. investigators think he hid inside the store and waited until it closed. >> when we got there, we conducted a security check inside of the store, but we could not find any suspects or evidence of forced entry. >> here's the surveillance photo. deputies want to hear from anybody who might recognize this man. ♪[ music ] time now 4:42. a deadly batch of lsd making the rounds in one local county. the warning from the santa cruz county sheriff's office next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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warning for parents.. about a bad batch of l-s-d. the drug has already been the focus of at least three cases. kpix . cruz deputies have a warning more -- santa cruz deputies have a warning for parents about a bad batch of lds. it's been the focus of three occasions of the here's kpix 5's betty yu. >> reporter: in just the last two weeks the santa cruz county sheriff's office says there
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have been three cases of bad lsd trips and in most cases, the drug has caused people to become violent. in one case, a teen died. this is the stuff that has been circulating around town, lds. in the most recent case, a young man reportedly took the drug placed on a mint and started to act erratically. earlier this month, chp officers fought with the man high on lsd on highway 17. another man was so high, it caused the car he was riding in to crash into a forest. and a week ago it sent a girl to the hospital for a seizure after she took a hit off a popsicle. >> many of us have kids and so we look at this kind of, like, what would we hope for our kids we want our kids to be successful. >> reporter: luke smith didn't get the chance. authorities say he was so high off a bad batch of lsd, he stabbed his uncle and father in this home and was eventually confronted by deputies. after he refused to drop the weapon, a deputy said he had no choice but to shoot.
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>> you know, pretty alarming. you know? i'll talk to my daughter about it for sure. >> reporter: the sheriff's office sent this public safety alert to all parents, students and teachers in the county asking them for him to talk to their children. crystal has a 15-year-old son at socal high school and talks to him regularly about the dangers. >> you need really to speak to your children, pay attention to what's going on. if you see something that's happening you have to nip it in the bud. >> reporter: in santa cruz, betty yu, kpix 5. some police officers in concord went out of their way this holiday season to help a man who used to be homeless. the man in the center of this picture named chris had been homeless for years but recently moved into an apartment with his girlfriend. when the officers learned he couldn't afford to buy her a christmas present, they all pitched in to help him buy her a jacket. the officers say they were impressed that chris was able to get his life on the right track so they were happy to
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help him out. with a few days to go before christmas a mother found herself homeless, jobless and struggling to support her three children. but her luck changed very quickly when she accidentally asked a total stranger for prayers. amy meant to send the note to a friend with a similar name but her mistake turned into a blessing because the man convinced her to set up a "go fund me" page and soon people from her wisconsin community and beyond offered a minivan that she could use and then a place to stay and even a career prospect. >> it tugged at our heart strings and we felt like this holiday season we don't like the kids to be out in the cold and we cleared out a room and brought them home. >> totally restored my faith in more than just humanity. it was my faith in god. >> another stranger who saw the "go fund me" page connected amy a nurse with a medical recruiting office and after a successful interview she starts a full-time job in january.
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>> awesome! >> sometimes you just need that one hand up and you can take it from there. you need just one person to help out. >> it's so nice to hear. i feel like yesterday we had a lot of sad christmas stories? you know, gift theft, things of that nature. >> it's early in the show, julie. just wait. we have plenty of bad news for you, too. [ laughter ] >> well, i'm enjoying the good news while it lasts. >> okay. good. [ laughter ] more good news for you, dry today and rain tomorrow. we can use both and snow forth high country. here's a look outside. we are chillier this morning than yesterday. in fact, freezing in santa rosa right now at 32. significantly colder than yesterday there. 48 in 16. 49 in oakland. we are going to stay cooler today. that warm air mass is -- well, cooling off. and we have an area of low pressure moving in that's going to dominate the forecast over the next few days. so dry for now.
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but rain moves in tomorrow. futurecast times it out. here we are early tomorrow morning when we start to see the front passing through. as the front passes through we have lingering showers behind the front staying unsettled throughout most of the day, gusty winds, as well. and we are going to see cooler air mass so low snow levels for the sierra and for our foothills. now, saturday we could see some lingering showers. but not going to be a total rainout and certainly dry just in time for santa to make his deliveries overnight saturday into early sunday morning on christmas. now, how much rain are we going to see? three-quarters to inch and a half in the north bay one to two inches in the mountains and half inch or so for some spots in the south bay depending on if you see one of those heavy cells pass over you. winter storm warning in effect for the high country. keep that in mind friday through saturday night. we could see snow down to 3500 feet so relatively low and 3 to 8" could cause significant
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travel delays and great news for the sierra ski slopes. easy for me to say. we are going to see some substantial snow up above 7,000 feet. high temperatures today as i mentioned a little cooler than yesterday topping out in the upper 50s for most, near 50 for the warmest spots and dry today rain and wind friday, near 60 for the warmest spots. lingering showers on saturday, dry on christmas, more showers next week. >> if you do, julie, that's more good news in the traffic center, as well. our bay area roads looking good now at 4:50 a.m. moving to the altamont pass, coming out of tracy, you're moving at 59 miles per hour. it gets worse at north flynn road 34 miles per hour. north tracy boulevard along 580 westbound to the altamont pass will just take you to minutes. if you are taking that roadway into the dublin interchange here's a live look at that commuter traffic. altamont pass to 680 will take you 14 minutes. >> let's move over now to dublin where we have some roadwork to tell you about. westbound 580 connector to northbound 680 is shut down until 5 a.m.
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so should be opening up in 10 minutes or so. and if you are traveling into the peninsula, here's a live look at the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city, 880 to 101, that's a quick 14 minutes. roadwork on southbound side 880 between whipple and stevenson again opening up around 5 a.m. so we'll keep a look out on that. if you are traveling northbound 880 on the nimitz from 238 in san leandro to the maze, that's a quick 16 minutes. and if you want to avoid the roads, take bart, ace train, muni and caltrain because they're all on time. by now, especially if you have a kid, you know hatchimals are the must have toy of the season. we have seen scenes like this play out everywhere parents lining up for hours, overpaying on ebay for a chance make their child's wish come true. but are these hatchimals really worth it? >> john matarese talked to an 8- year-old who already has one and here's her honest review.
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>> reporter: ma hail la is a bright 8-year-old who received a hatchimal for her birthday two months ago. so it was fun getting it? >> yeah. >> but then after it was out of the egg, was it fun? >> no. >> reporter: that's right. mahala doesn't really like hers to the horror of parents waiting in lines like these for hours. >> whenever it talks it's annoying. [ talk ] >> reporter: the real excitement of a hatchimal comes the first day. that's when the little stuffed bird hatches from its shell. the next day or so it makes baby sounds. [ baby sounds ] >> reporter: then in a few days becomes a child saying some real words with its eyes changing color depending on mood. the child says that got old fast. >> it's annoying. it's really annoying. [ laughter ] >> reporter: a lot of parents say when their child first hatches this, it's pretty exciting. but after a day or two -- not so much! >> she kind of sat it down and hasn't touched it for two
4:53 am
months. >> reporter: mom megan's assessment is not unusual. of 400 reviews on amazon, 49% give it the lowest one star rating. [ buzzer ] >> reporter: but one mom said there's play value as the toy grows from a baby into a child but megan says she doesn't think any hatchimal is worth hundreds of dollars. >> when people are paying these large amounts for this toy, i really don't think -- i think that they would be let down. >> well, remember, all hot toys have a shelf life. remember, tickle me elmo became stale after a few months, ditto for furby. >> for my generation it was cabbage patch kid. it was impossible to get during christmastime. this is before the internet. my grandpa scoured the country reaching out to all his friends and got us cabbage patch kid. he was the man! >> how long did you have it? >> i still have that cabbage patch girl, forever! don't be surprised apparently if the hatchimal loses its wow factor sooner rather than
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later. this could make all the parents who didn't get one feel okay. a fake test control technician, where showed up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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san francisco. surveillance video from last week shows him dressed like a the so much is on for an i am -- search is on for a thief in san francisco. he is dressed like a pest control technician in a wheat hazmat suit at the sf jazz center where he flashed an ortho badge before security allowed him inside. the man even signed in at the front desk. >> authorities say that he was trying to steal from the place. security guards later found him with two laptops so they chased him out of the building. young people living at home
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with parents, the percentage is at a 75-year high. an estimated 40% of millennials now live at home. the main reason, they can't afford to live on their own because of student loan debt and the rise in cost of rent and they probably really like their parents doing their laundry. whole foods market is facing a class action lawsuit suspected of padding profits and playing with sales numbers to cut into worker bonus rewards. a worker and former employee of a dc whole foods filed the lawsuit claiming workers are owed some $75,000. whole foods said, it is looking into these issues. ♪[ music ] christmas is coming early for thousands of san jose kids. why it's still not too late to help. ,,
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i'm kenny choi. and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. let's get a look at weather and traffic. good morning. it's thursday, december 22. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. let's take a live look outside
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this morning. what are we looking at? ah! the beautiful bay bridge sparkling, two days, what is it two days until displease. >> today's is the 22nd, yeah. >> the day before christmas eve. >> three. [ laughter ] >> christmas eve, eve,eve. >> right. >> you just got back from vacation. >> yes, i did. i was in new york city so enjoying the 20-degree weather. >> oh. >> so here it's warm for me. [ laughter ] >> it's nice to be back though. >> okay. very good. we're glad you're back. >> well, welcome home. so we do actually have some changes in the forecast for you. today we'll be cooler than yesterday and tomorrow the storm rolls in and it will be a pretty impressive one. right now, though, off to a cold start in santa rosa at 32. 42 in san jose. and 48 in san francisco. 49 in oakland right now. livermore at 37. air quality forecast once again a "spare the air" day for the north bay. yesterday they had forecast unhealthy air quality for wednda


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